Review: Jesus Chrüsler Supercar “Lücifer” [Dr. Music]

Review: Jesus Chrüsler Supercar “Lücifer” [Dr. Music]

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I got acquainted with Jesus Chrüsler Supercar three years ago due to my disgusting tendency to choose a band by its name: the “curiouser” (as Lewis Caroll’s Alice said), the better.

The band’s previous album 35 Supersonic got me with its Rock’n’roll energy (or rather what Lemmy called Rock’n’roll) and ostentatiously raw, dirty sound. Also that year the guys performed at Wacken Opern Air, a year later jury voted the band at Midem Artist Accelerator 2017 and in 2018 the band performed great at Eurosonic Noordeslag Festival. After that the band went to studio to record their third album Lücifer, supplemented by second guitarist Tobbe Engdahl. Today the band’s line-up is: Robban Bergeskans (vocal, bass), Nicke Forsberg (drums), Pär Jaktholm (guitar) and Tobbe Engdahl (guitar).

Lücifer contains 11 Death’n’Roll songs. Almost all of them are rhythmical, fast and sometimes frankly evil. All off them, beside the last track – I’ll talk about it later. Here some good catchy Rock’n’roll like “Flesh’n’Bones” and “You Can’t Spell Diesel Without Die” can be heard. Also there are some heavier songs with great riffs and solos: “High Times For Low Crimes”, “Boogeyman” and “Out Of My Head”. And last but not least is the cherry on top: ending seven-minutes “Black Blood”. Started with the sounds of rain and grim bell, the Doom-paced song slowly gains the heaviness, main riff stuck in your brain and it’s not easy to get it out of there.

Like in a previous album, the sound here is ostentatiously dirty and raw. With this, it’s very qualitative, all instruments can be heard great and you can easily pick up any of them any time. This is the merit of producer Tomas Skogsberg (Amorphis, Entombed, The Hellacopters) and Fred Forsberg from Fvck Life Studious with Brad Boatright from Audiosiege, who were responsible for mixing and mastering.

British webzine wrote: “In a world without Lemmy Jesus Chrüsler Supercar are exactly what you need”. Quite controversial statement, even if throw off the aureole of hero, martyr and god from Lemmy. And I really guess these guys don’t care that somebody compares them to someone. They just do their business – the play Rock’n’roll. And goddamn it, they doing it good.

Lücifer was released on May, 24 via Dr. Music.

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