Review: Just Before Dawn “Tides of Blood”

Review: Just Before Dawn “Tides of Blood”

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Just Before Dawn Tides of Blood
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Tides of Blood is the third full-lenght album of this war machine from Sweden/UK called Just Before Dawn.

Once again these guys besiege our trenchs with high quality war death metal!

Describing their music is simple: headbanging riffs and rythmic sections make our heads explode in each song!! Crunchy guitars, bass and mid-speed double bass drumming are as usual leading every march. Most of the songs have the glorious (and yet melancholic) melodic guitar leads ala Bolt Thrower, probably the trademark of this kind of death metal. The numerous vocalists that growl in the album fullfill their duty, especially Mr. Ingram, probably one of the greatest soldiers of the genre.

Obviously this is not a band that shines because of its originality, but well… what they are doing here is really good, let’s not complain about it. Even though everything sounds more or less predictable, songwriting as well as production are excellent.

Members of Just Before Dawn are high skilled veterans (most of them from other bands such as The Grotesquery, Amon Amarth, and Wombbath) that have once more proved to be relentless in their pursuit of brutality. When listening to their songs is not difficult to imagine a battlefield full of soldiers, corpses and explosions everywhere…

This album is highly recommended for death metal fans, especially for those who follow Bolt Thrower, Hail of Bullets and Age of Agony. Grab your weapons and check this out!

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