Review: THY FEEBLE SAVIOUR “And Darkness Fell”

Review: THY FEEBLE SAVIOUR “And Darkness Fell”

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The bestial black/death metal genre has many followers, yet it is still relatively small, however; only a dedicated bunch can pull off an assault of this magnitude. …And Darkness Fell lashes out frantically and indiscriminately at everything within its path then scatters remnants of the slaughtered on holy ground. Thy Feeble Saviour knows well how to desecrate all that is considered pious. These 14 spells of bestial contempt and carnage are fast, short, precise and catastrophic explosions launched upon the kingdom of nazarene. This is the kind of warped madness you would come to expect if a group of highly competent musicians and adversaries of christ formed a bestial black/death metal band.

Having a total album length of 31 minutes, …And Darkness Fell is comprised of vile yelling, growling, barking and pace shifting when necessary, just to pause and reload in preparation for the next instrumental and vocal affliction. Samples are used sparingly to fortify the mood of the setting. The drums, guitars and bass amalgamate the multiple forms used to conjure music the listener will head-bang to. There are no guitar solos I can recall, however; the memorable patterns of the leads and ferocity of the playing speed easily wins the listener’s praise and does more than enough to compensate for this absence. In addition, some of the guitar work is reminiscent of old school death metal riffing with “Procession to Calvary” and “Obscenity of the Cross” giving a strong indication of some death metal bands that may have influenced Thy Feeble Saviour. A substantial amount of emphasis is placed on the transition of fast sections into almost funeral/doom-esque pieces whereby the vocals go from harsh raspy bellows to low deep snarls. This is a good highlight and way of conducting poised compositions through variation.

Where production is concerned; not that it matters to me when pertaining to music and specifically bestial black/death metal; however, for those interested, one would say it is slightly clean but has a rich raw overtone. Every instrument and vocal pitch can be heard enough to be identified or referenced.

…And Darkness Fell is for acolytes of ancient cults such as Blasphemy and Archgoat, to disciples of newly and recently spawned covens of Genocide Shrines, Tetragrammacide, Revenge, Lihhamon, Nuclear Hammer, Wargoat, Antediluvian and acts residing within the Helvetic Underground Committee, such as Lykhaeon and Despotic Terror Kommando, etc. Just by the song titles alone one can imagine what is heading their way; expect no mercy from this act of impurity.

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