Review: Korrupt “Preachers and Creatures”

Review: Korrupt “Preachers and Creatures”

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Korrupt “Preachers and Creatures”
Fysisk Format

As an Atheist, I‘m always happy to review anything anti-religious. With Korrupt, we have a band from Norway’s bible belt (which I never knew existed). And basically, the album tells the story of rejecting religion at a young age… something I have experience of.

Musically, it’s probably not what you expect from an anti-religious Norwegian band, as Korrupt play a catchy form of Hardcore, backed with a strong Punk ethic.

Most songs are around the 2 minute to 2.30 mark, so they’re quick blasts of very melodic Hardcore. And considering how catchy they are, they don’t feel watered down or commercial. There’s plenty of bite in their sound to give it the Punk edge, which keeps it propped up and keeps the anger levels running high.

The title track, in particular is brimming with hatred and it spills its bile in under 90 seconds, but the album as a whole is pretty much on full throttle, bar the track Khaver, which doesn’t really cut the mustard.

I think politics in general makes an appearance alongside the rejection of religion, as Capitalist stands out like a missile homing beacon that a certain dictator might stick on Donald Trumps ass.

And although it’s their debut, I think Korrupt will always have a mission or political statement to sing about.

If you’re in Norway at the start of November, these guys are hitting the road. So they’re probably worth catching if you get the chance, if this album is anything to go by.

The album is out on digital formats, and also on vinyl, on October 20th.

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