Review: Lava Invocator “Mörk”

Review: Lava Invocator “Mörk”

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Lava Invocator “Mörk”
Satanath Records

Here another young that we have. Actually I have a little problem with its place of origin. In biography it’s written that idea of creating LAVA INVOCATOR was born in an old (found around 990 after Nazarene) university city of Lind. By the way, I can’t agree that this is, I quote, “small Swedish town”. Well, in comparison with Dnipro it probably would be. But in Sweden something like 100.000 inhabitants is a huge number. But guys write in biography emphatically that they’re Ukrainian band. So we have here similar situation like with DEATH ANGEL.

But this is the only similarity between these two bands. And it’s not about the fact that LAVA INVOCATOR was found only something like two years ago and Ukrainians are real veterans of scene worldwide. This is first of all about music! Ukrainians call their creativity “mystical Black Metal” and generally I can agree with this term.

I suppose that this mysticism is hidden in lyrics as well coz music isn’t what I connote with this word. I can recognize some fragments which have signs of such character, but it still is not enough for me to use such grandiloquent words. Anyways, this is only my opinion and it doesn’t mean that somebody else can’t feel it in other way. Ukrainian duo play variously and sometimes so called true-blue fans of Black Metal will probably be disappointed coz of “no-Black” riffs or from time to time even songs’ structure.  I’m talking here especially about one song. But I’ll be malicious as hell and will even not mention title of it – you’ll have to check it out by yourself! For me these quite often changing riffs and not monotonous beating are plus. I can see that guys think while creating their music. The best proof of that is the fact that it took longer time to release Ukrainians.

The tempo is fast sometimes, sometimes middle, but there’re also some slow fragments. Vocal is definitely in Black Metal manner, of course. However I can clearly hear influences of other sub-genres of Metal in that. In general, especially as on debut, this is good stuff and I see potential in LAVA INVOCATOR as well! There’re surely things to improve, but guys know how to use their brains. That’s why I’m sure that next stuff will be even better.

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Score 89%
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