Review: LIMBONIC ART “Spectre Abysm”

Review: LIMBONIC ART “Spectre Abysm”

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LIMBONIC ART “Spectre Abysm”
Candlelight / Spinefarm Records

The kind of Black Metal that is playing by this project (since 2010 or so Daemon is responsible for everything) always was quite controversial. Some people loved this, but I also heard opinions that the bands like that profane the term Black Metal. I was never in any of those groups. Frankly, I never understood what this conflict was (and probably still is) all about. Besides, I heard many bands which were really candy and I had pure doubts if they play not only Black, but in general any kind of Metal or at least Rock. LIMBONIC ART always played more melodically than for example SARGATHANAS, used keyboards on quite huge scale and so on. But in the same time I had never problem to define their music as just Black Metal. Anyhow, in my opinion adjective symphonic using by Daemon to describe his creativity is at least a little exaggeratedly in this case.

Music is based on guitar’s track what means that keyboards and electronics are in background. Well, sometimes I almost don’t notice them, even if I know that they’re somewhere there. Everything’s quite typical for this sub-genre of Metal. Riffs change from time to time of course, but generally are repeated many times. We’re quite often able to hear some melody created by guitar. Well, even so this instrument plays heavy. I mean, melodies aren’t sweet or something! Drum-machine is programming quite typically for such music. This is quite variable, but there’re mostly it sounds rather monotonous. There’re some passages, but… Add to this typical screechy vocal and you’ll have whole picture. To be honest, I have to tell you that there’re fragments of recitation and short fragments where Daemon’s voice isn’t so screechy.

By the way, I can’t imagine (and I always had rich imagination) any Black Metal’s fan who didn’t hear at least one album of L. A. I was never huge fan of such playing, but ‘Spectre Abysm’ is good piece of Black Metal for me. Well, I know Black Metal bands I like more (one of them is from Poland and calls CHRIST AGONY).

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