Review: Henry Metal “So It Hath Begun”

Review: Henry Metal “So It Hath Begun”

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Henry Metal “So It Hath Begun”

As I see this is just a guy who decided to create music this year (2017). He’s extremely productive because except this debut full-length he released some singles, EP, compilation and… another FOUR albums. Anyway, his image strongly reminds me some guy who was born in 1948 in Detroit, Michigan as Vincent Damon Furnier, but is much better known under the pseudonym. If you have no idea who I’m talking about I can give you some advice: he’s one of the Hard Rock and Shock Rock fathers.

Well, actually music is also very similar in my opinion. It doesn’t mean that this is a real copy, of course. And here I probably could end this review. But well, you know me… Riffs are powerful, drumming energetic. There’re some solos of course, slower parts or even ballads on ‘So It Hath Begun’ – just like it should be in Glam Metal. I can clearly hear influences of some very well-known bands who are real Gods of this sub-genre of Metal. You’ll find here a lot of melody, too. It make both melodic (but powerful as well) riffs, several technical tricks and Henry’s vocal. And what I like is that these melodies absolutely aren’t sweet and you can hear a power, music is ballsy.

In biography I read: “Henry Metal is arguably one of the most interesting heavy metal artists to debut in 2017 (…)”. Hm… Actually I heard more interesting bands this year. But this is only my opinion. I mean, this music surely is nice to listen to and so on, this isn’t bad album for sure. Anyway, I can’t feel this “something” here. This is well composed, well played, but… Well, this is only a debut, I have here one more album to review and hopefully it’ll be even better than debut one. However, people who like such creativity will be satisfied.

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