Review: LVCIFYRE “Sacrament” [Dark Descent Records]

Review: LVCIFYRE “Sacrament” [Dark Descent Records]

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Where the hell did this band spring from? Oh, the UK – my home country… right. Shame on me for missing what must be one of the very best bands in the UK. The world of Extreme Metal is a big one though, right?

LVCIFYRESacrament has been played almost entirely on repeat… hour after hour. It’s bloody magnificent stuff! A blend of heavy as fuck guitars, some of the best vocals this side of any band and an attitude the puts early Morbid Angel to shame even if the guitar lead screeches are oh so similar. A pulverizing mix of Death and Black Metal that may just light your dark flame again, such as it’s surely envious majesty.

5 tracks of pure, banging Blackened Death Metal that will make you think twice about who you think is the heaviest / best / most worthy (add your own positive adjective here) in the business. Our last track, “Morderca” kind’a stinks of Venom to me. Perhaps an unintentional tribute and quite good but if you swapped it out with another track in the vein of pure LVCIFYRE then this Sacrament E.P deserves full marks.

This is pure chaotic elegance. This is music saturated with malice. This is too short of an E.P – I need more! A great contender for E.P of 2019 and a release that will be in my playlist for many years to come. Now, I’m off to check out their back catalogue…

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