Review: Theories “Vessel” [Corpse Flower records]

Review: Theories “Vessel” [Corpse Flower records]

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Theories return with new album Vessel and this is the long-awaited follow up to brilliant debut album Regression and sees the band grinding out another top quality record that is even heavier than their first, with the band’s manic grindcore interspersed with death metal to maximum effect.

With the band featuring current and former members of bands like Black Breath and Samothrace, they have the musical pedigree and that was evident on their debut but with this follow-up, there is even more assured confidence with the band’s music and they don’t disappoint in the slightest, Theories have declared that they have come to Make America Grind Again and with Vessel they have succeeded in doing so and not just America, but the world over as soon as they hear this record and they do so with a vicious line in audio battery and combine it with a sardonic and wicked sense of humour in there too, although when it comes down to it when you listen to the bands powerful noise, it really is no laughing matter,

Kicking straight off with “Human Vessel Cell”, Theories waste no time in demonstrating that they are a formidable force and as that opening salvo explodes straight into next track, the nonstop brutality of “Harvest”, you are under no impression that this will be anything less than one hell of a ride and the grinding intensity does not relent at all throughout the entire album.

Tracks such as “Ill Will”, “Lamprey” and “Slow Poison” are full on slabs of deathly grind that are unrelenting in their savagery and the whole of Vessel has a rawness that adds to the intensity for sure.

The main thing that strikes you about the songs on Vessel is that these are not short blasts of grind, they are packed full of riffs, shrieks and blastbeats but are especially epic in terms of their execution with the majority of the songs here being well over three minutes in length, plenty of time to let the aural bloodshed expand as it does with style.

Vessel ends in style with the manic grind of “Taking Up Space” and the deathly grooves of “Hollow” and this ends a triumphant return from Theories and their brand of epic death grind.

With this album, Theories have raised their own bar in terms of heaviness and the songs here will absolutely slay when they are played in a live arena and show exactly how good a band they are. Anger is definitely an energy and Theories have both by the bucketload and on Vessel it is displayed in stunning fashion.

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