Review: Vhorthax “Nether Darkness”

Review: Vhorthax “Nether Darkness”

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How many bands can you name, which are exploring not the extremely dark matters, but the darkness itself in its primordial and chthonic understanding? These monstrous creepy forms distinguishing in the overwhelming majority to a Funeral Doom bands like Tyrany and latest Esoteric. Also some faster bands can be named, such as Australian evil Portal or Swedens Darkness that play rare in nowadays Space Black.

Today we’re talking about Vhortax, formed from Abyssfire members. This aboad of darkness located in Dzerjinsk, not far from Nizhniy Novgorod.

The band’s music is viscous Death Metal with some touches of Black. Thump guitars, foreground drums and quite indistinguishable bass. Vocals are some kind of sepulchral growl passed through the vocal processor. Sometimes appear some screaming “chorals” or stratification from extreme roars and squeals.

But the main merit of this release is not a confident technical play, no. There is something else: the band creates almost tangible feeling of pressing eeriness with minimum funds, without keyboards or samples. The similar atmosphere was in the books of Lovecraft: it’s a collision with something so ancient, that imbues only fear and nothing else. Also it needs to say that the lyrical content of an album is clearly an occult/ritual theme, and has no direct relationship to Howard Phillips Lovecraft. The music itself is exaggeratedly blurred, unstable and deceptively primitive. Every turn of music is always not what it should be at first glance. Especially it’s about vocals, which sometimes picks up to the bones with inhuman anger and creepy layering dissolving in the general mix, absolutely not giving a damn about the musicality and logic of the vocal lines construction.

Recommended for the thoughtful listening during long winter nights, in total darkness with a pair of good earphones.


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