Review: Maestitium “Tale of the Endless” [Black Lion Records]

Review: Maestitium “Tale of the Endless” [Black Lion Records]

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What could be better than listening to a good melodic death metal album after a hard day’s work? Nothing at all, especially after talking to Maestitium leader Elias Westrin.

With “Tales of the Endless”, Maestitium delivers to us through this EP, a universe full of musical particularities. Although labeled Swedish, their influences in the melodic death metal style are clearly in the purest Finnish tradition, like Insomnium. Its singer confirms it to us and this project corresponds perfectly to the melancholy and the sensitivity of the man.

Four songs garnish this opus: four songs like “the four seasons” of Vivaldi, or rather the four seasons of human life transporting us in a story of three troubled and dark minds, full of anger, despair and sorrow. Each song brings its share of aggressiveness and creativity.

Nevertheless, although this EP explores a style with well-defined codes without deviating from the influence of the Finnish school of melodic death metal, some songs include clear choirs and synths, showing us the full breadth and richness of a musical composition that only asks to flourish in the future. Moreover, the band also doesn’t deny any of their black metal influences that can be heard on the flagship track “Tale of the Endless”.

In addition, this does not affect the performance of the group. If you like this style, do not miss this EP which bodes very good things for a sequel full of expectations.

Release date: February 5, 2021

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