Review: Astral Tomb “Degradation of Human Consciousness” [Blood Harvest]

Review: Astral Tomb “Degradation of Human Consciousness” [Blood Harvest]

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It’s your best friend’s birthday and you don’t know what gift to choose for him, don’t hesitate, make him discover this EP “Degradation Of Human Consciousness” by the American band Astral Tomb from Denver. Here, everything breathes good and fresh air, optimism, the pleasure of an healthy way of life. Where when you put it on your turntable and close your eyes to rest you can easily imagine green valleys, surrounded by radiant light, with elves and fairytales!

Ha no, missed! It’s greasy, unhealthy, aesthetically to listen it in your latrine the morning after a good hangover.

If you like melodies this is not for you, if you are a musician and the slightest false note gives you goose bumps it is not for you, if you like warm, powerful or lyrical voices it is not for you, if you like “Mors Principium Est” clinical sound (I love this band), go your way!!!

On the contrary, you like the garage sound style, the Underground way of thinking, sometimes more under than ground, if you like to get high just for fun and bursting all your beer cans against the walls of your neighbors’ houses, if you don’t care of anything, in a short time be totally stupid, possibly roll in the vomit or take the silliest bets, this EP can integrate your favorite discography.

We will therefore forgive them for this production due to their young age, but frankly I think they have found a way, that they know what they are doing and that they fully assume it.

For fans of the genre, don’t miss it!

Release date: January 29, 2021

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