Review: Nervosa “Downfall of Mankind”

Review: Nervosa “Downfall of Mankind”

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Nervosa Downfall of Mankind
Napalm Records

How many woman in metal you can count? Easy question, I know. Next one: how many female bands in metal you know? Got you! Except Girlschool, none crossed my mind. Recently, friend of mine wrote review of new Nervosa album and I was enlightened. Yes, there is one more female band I know!

Prika, Fernanda and Luana are coming from São Paulo, Brazil. The band was formed in 2010. In past years they have one demo and and three full length albums including latest release Downfall of Mankind (June 1, 2018). Album includes (if we count bonus) fourteen songs. Judged by the track titles, album promises a lot. Social engaged lyrics strikes where it hurts the most! Unfortunately, those who should be killed by words, will never listen bands like Nervosa.

Short but effective, lyrics criticize mostly the stupidity of mankind, politics, violence, wars… You know, everything what thrash metal is about.

Age from 21 to 32 gives a wide range of influences. Luana Dametto can stand face to face, well, drumstick to drumstick with her male colleagues, and she is only 21! I am brave enough to write Prika and Fernanda are in her shadow. Girls really kick ass, but hats off to glorious drumming!

Downfall of Mankind brings not pessimistic, just realistic worldview. Yes, girls they are, but with strong attitude every macho man could be ashamed of.

Raw energy and clean production might not satisfy everyone`s taste, but we are not here to argue.

If you thought girl’s bands can sound only as Spice Girls, than you need lobotomy! Maybe they are not innovative, maybe they are not the best, but I enjoy their music and hope I will share their energy on the road soon.

The “guy” on the cover reminds me of Chewbacca, so another plus.

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