Review: Pestilence “Reflections of the Mind”

Review: Pestilence “Reflections of the Mind”

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Pestilence “Reflections of the Mind”
Vic records

Here I’ll write ANYTHING about the band, its origin and so on. Why should I do this if everybody knows PESTILENCE very well?!? I know that there’re few bands with this name, but tittle of this compilation album should say everything. Especially that it’s almost the same like tittle of their compilation album from 1994.

As the most of you correctly guess it’s nothing else than just a range of band’s creativity until now. We have here only eighteen songs, so from its nature this compilation isn’t, coz can’t be, totally representative for what PESTILENCE ever recorded. I’m almost sure that as many fans as many opinions about this. I mean, different people would like to hear here different songs. It depends on which album(s) who appreciate the most, which more and which aren’t appreciated. So we can dispute until at least next their release why there’re these and not some other songs here. So it doesn’t matter what I think about choice which made musicians. That’s their band and they know the best – especially Patrick who plays from the beginning. So let’s leave this fruitless discussion for someone else!

The fact is that dominate here songs from their old times (until “Spheris”), actually most numerous representation has here recognized by many people as the best PESTILENCE’s album “Testimony of the Ancients”. Anyway, all songs enclosed on “Reflections of the Mind” got new sound. They sound not as clean as in, let’s say, original versions, more like it’d be a demo recorded on usual tape-recorder. At least I have such connotation. I know that especially younger fans can regard it for a minus surely. But I’m one if these much older ones, so for me it’s a big plus!

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Bart Tomaszewski
Score 89%
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