Review: Antimateria “Valo Aikojen Takaa”

Review: Antimateria “Valo Aikojen Takaa”

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Antimateria “Valo Aikojen Takaa”
Purity Through Fire records

Well, I have very basic information about this band. Actually I know only when it was created (in 2013) and that it’s a project of Finnish hidden under the pseudonym Ahma. So you already know what to expect from this album. YES!!! That’s nothing else, but Black Metal. ”Valo Aikojen Takaa” is the first release ever of this project (I’ll never call project of one man with the name “band” – it’s about definition of the band as well, too).

It contains seven songs. As I suppose lyrics are here (as it’s mostly in Black Metal) very important coz I got them enclosed to virtual promo pack. But I unfortunately can’t tell you anything about them, except the fact that they’re… aahhahahahahaha… The reason is that they’re written in Finnish, so… We just must to believe that they’re about cosmos and stuff like that. What about music it’s quite interesting Black Metal based on middle tempos and classical instrumentarium (we can count among here keyboards, too, I guess – at least in the case of especially this kind of Black Metal).

Riffs are rather easy ones, but they change from time to time. And even when they’re rather changeless they’re not monotonous at all. Probably it’s also coz of quite various drumming and vocal. Ahma sings whole the time with typical Black Metal squawk, but makes it also in as melodic way as the kind of music let for that. In general music is rather melancholic and sometimes even majestic in some way.

So as we can hear on example of this stuff it’s better to wait even long time with recording first album. Ahma was waiting with this something like three years and that’s why, at least in my opinion, he recorded good music. It’s anything new, anything what would prostrate with some new ideas or genial accomplishment. But it’s good enough to listen to this with pleasure – the best in dark room, maybe with a little light of candles…

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