Review: REVENIENCE “Daedalum”

Review: REVENIENCE “Daedalum”

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We were quite long time in Italy, don’t you?!? This time we’ll visit one of the oldest cities of this country, city which has its roots yet in Etruscan times. This city calls Bologna. It surely has extremely interesting history, a lot of monuments… But we’ll don’t talk here about it or the oldest European university. We’ll also don’t talk about FC Bologna or other stuff which Bologna has to offer on all fields which you can only imagine. Reasons are two. Firstly we haven’t place and time to talk about all that. Secondly, and this reason is even more important as I think, ANTICHRIST METALZINE is dedicated to all kinds of Metal!

That’s why we’ll talk about one of the bands which exist in Bologna. Most of them are probably interesting, but this time we’ll take a look for this one which’s call REVENIENCE. This is a young one – it was formed in 2014 on remains of NEMORALIS. There played four of five members: Debora Ceneri (voc), Pasquale Barile (key.), Simone Spolzino (dr) and Fausto De Bellis (bass, guit). The only “newcomer” in this company is Michele Di Lauro (guit). Their creativity they call Symphonic/Gothic Metal. Well, with this second I can agree, but Symphonic?!? Maybe I’m backgrounded or something, but as I know symphony as sub-genre of Classic Music is inseparably connected with instruments as for example violin, violoncello… Here, except one short exception I can’t hear anything like that. So I’d call it… hm… maybe Gothic with elements of Doom and some other genres?!? Anyway, I mean old-shool Doom in the vein of “Lost Paradise” or “Gothic”. But well… hell with terms! They’re only a words and, in my opinion at least, don’t describe music.

“Deadalum” is as we can easily understand a debut full-length of our Italian friends. We can even risk a thesis that it’s their first release ever. The fact is that they released in January single entitled “Shamble”, but since there was only one song… Besides I guess that it was released only to let to know that album will be out soon. Anyway, “Deadalum” contains nine songs of calm, melodic music. As it always happens in Metal the most important instruments here are guitars. They play in really various way. Mostly it’s very melodic one, but from time to time riffs become more aggressive. If we’d have possibility to listen only to guitars’ line than surely we’d directly know that we haven’t to do with some lullabies!

Pasquale plays his keyboard almost permanently. But it’s mostly hidden somewhere in background. This is Metal, so guitars and so called rhythmic section are much more important, they create all music and keyboards are something added. And that’s how it should be! Of course from every rule are exceptions and here it also happened. This exception is “Lonely Island” where we have only Debora’s voice and piano. If we’re talking about it, she sings surely with her clean vocal. But in my opinion these of you who expect some sweet one will be rather disappointed. I can hear in that something wolfish – even in mentioned above ballad where it’s more lyrical than in other songs. By the way, also Simone comes with his vocal. It’s totally different than Debora’s one. His growling connotes, at least for me, with already mentioned cult albums. I think that it should be more of that in music of REVENIENCE. It gives stricte Metal character to this music. But I’m not a member of the band and I’ll never be so…

I’m not some true-blue fan of music like that, but I’ll surely back to this album sometimes. It’s good one, even surprisingly good as for so young band. So if I’m thinking like that then somebody who listen to this kind of Metal as a maniac it’ll be… Just get it!


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