Review: GLORIOR BELLI “Sundown (The Flock That Welcomes)”

Review: GLORIOR BELLI “Sundown (The Flock That Welcomes)”

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glorior_belli_sundown_cover_art_hrGLORIOR BELLI “Sundown (The Flock That Welcomes)”
Agonia records

I think that all fans of Black Metal know at least name of this band. But just in case if I’d be wrong I’ll tell some basic information now. Band was formed in 2002 so rather long time ago. It happened in the heart of capitol of France. At the moment, actually since three years, there’s only one member in the band – Billy Bayou (guit, voc). In the past played several guys with him, but…

Of course during these entire years band released demo “Evil Archaic Order”, six albums and split “Rites of Spiritual Death” with CREEPING. For the newest full-length of G.B. we had to wait whole three long years. It was probably also coz Billy stayed alone in the band. But fortunately he didn’t get depression, worked on music and know we finally can enjoy “Sundown…”! Anyway, it’s released by Polish AGONIA REC. (Hail bro!).

Album contains eight songs of maybe a little untypical, but still Black Metal. Well, to be honest I can’t see (hear) anything “avant-garde” here. On some of their previous releases we could find some strange, for true-blue and orthodox fans of mentioned above sub-genre of our beloved music, experiments. But it’s not about newest masterpiece of French. The fact is that quite often play of guitar, drums… well, to tell it easier: composition of songs… avoids the most mind-minding clichés. This is Black Metal and there’s no doubt about it! In the same time it gives something fresh to this sometimes too much fossilized genre.

Music is in middle tempos, but speed-ups aren’t anything rare here. Contrary, it happens at least once in every song. Exception is “Rebels In Disguise”, but this song is in general different than the rest. Billy sings there with almost clean vocal, tempo is rather low. Generally it’s more melodious and it’s easy to sing when you’re taking shower… ehehehehehehe… Riffs are very various, sometimes they even sound like “not-Black” ones. Well, beginning of some songs also sound like that… For me this is plus! Billy gives a proof that Black Metal can be technically advanced and very interesting music. The same takes play of drums. There’re many passages, changes of tempo and so on. Anyway, Billy’s vocal is, with exception of mentioned above song, is classical growling, yes – it’s more growling (of course not in Death Metal meaning of the word!) than typical squawk.

So if you like Black Metal and strain your mind during listening of this music then this album is just for you! If we talk about me, it’s exactly what I’d like to listen to on all or at least the most of Black products! By the way, as I saw in “pressbook” Billy was joined by some musicians and the band play gigs.

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