Review: THE WILD! “Wild At Heart”

Review: THE WILD! “Wild At Heart”

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THE WILD! “Wild At Heart”
Steamhammer / SPV

The band has been built up as gun toting, (wild) men playing Rock N Roll and they live the lives they sing about. Oh, and they have stupid stage names, like Dylan Villain and Reece Lightning… and you know what? Strip away the biography on steroids and the silly names and this just fucking rocks. It doesn’t need a fancy build up, hitting the play button is sufficient enough, because as soon as you hear the 1st note, you know immediately that they are the real deal.

When I think of Rock N Roll infused Heavy Rock/Metal, my 1st thought is usually for Rose Tattoo… my 2nd is the Bon Scott era of AC/DC… and the latter is where this baby dwells. Throw in some early Aerosmith, maybe a bit of Guns N Rose at their most dangerous and The Wild! are keeping some good company.
And getting Mike Fraser to produce the album was a clever move as he would have known which buttons to press (pun intended) to get the best out of the band, having previously worked with the likes of AC/DC and Aerosmith.

I was trying to think of where to place this, and it’s probably Rock N Roll Damnation meets TNT… mid paced, but full of menace. The backing vocals alter between gang shouts and a more Sunset Strip sort of flavour and it comes out on the border of dirty as hell and uprising of the LA scene of the late 80s.
I guess the same sound that AC/DC would of made if Axl Rose had gotten the job after Bon Scott’s passing (instead of Brian Johnston)… now there’s a scary thought…

With the old brigade bowing out, maybe the time is right for a band like The Wild! to come in and steal the crown vacated by the likes of Motley Crue, AC/DC and all those rocking bands… the most important thing is that they don’t implode like a lot of them due to the excesses of being in a band.

This is the embodiment of hot girls, loud guitars and Jack Daniels…. Just like Rock N Roll used to be. So is this what the future looks like as well?

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