Interview: CRIME (Chile)

Interview: CRIME (Chile)

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Thank you guys very much for taking the time out to do this interview, I really appreciate it! So your name Crime, where did it come from, how did you settle on it, and were there other names that you had thought about?

Thanks for your interest in the music we make… A couple of beers and “Rock and roll outlaw” spinning in the background to answer your interview. We never really think of another name for the band, no band currently uses it and is perfect for ideas that we try to capture a little street and danger will never be over in heavy metal.

Can you tell a little bit about how Crime started out and how you all came together to form Crime?

Noisemaker is a childhood friend, I remember we drank our first beers together, The place where we grew up is quite dangerous, which forced us to protect each other, that strengthened the friendship not only with Noisemaker but with all my friends of those years, we grew up listening to metal were true fans, we copied a lot of tapes and Cds, since at that time we had no money to buy them, it was imminent that Crime and my other band Sins of the Damned were formed.

Who and what were some of your influences to create the unique sound that you do have?

We listen mainly to bands of 70 and 80, the rock and roll of Rose Tatto and Ac Dc makes a lot of sense, they are guys who grew up on the streets and musically found the way to express themselves, Motorhead is a fundamental pillar in any band that is called heavy metal , They injected the speed and attitude necessary to keep alive the spirit of noise for years, there are also a lot of underground bands that we listen too… Crackjaw, Speed Limit, Necromandus, Jameson Raid and The Hand Of Doom among others. As for our own sound Unholy Tormentor and Krypto made a spectacular sound in the recording, they were very clear what we wanted to do and contributed a lot to make it, the resources we used were limited but I feel we got them very good.

What is the heavy metal scene like in Chile and how has the reaction been to your EP in Chile?

At the moment there are many bands, constantly new material comes out and I imagine that the scene is strong, there are always shows at the weekends, I do not attend to them for a matter of time, apart from Crime I play in 2 bands more which conditions me quite in that sense. Regarding the reaction to the EP are not yet released release dates, we know that it will be released on Tape by Shadow Kingdom (usa), vinyl 7 inches by Forgotten Wisdom (fra) and on CD as split with my other band Sins Of The Damned by Iron Goat Commando (col), but there is interest, they ask us when it will be available and we received good comments because Shadow Kingdom Recs. He uploaded the EP to his Bandcamp.

How has the overall response been to your First Crime EP?

As I said before, on our part we are satisfied because it will be released in all formats in diferent countries.

What are some of the lyrical themes and topics that you touch on in your music?

Our idea is to return some aggressiveness and crudeness to Heavy Metal, as in its best period. I have seen some videos of current bands where everything is “cute” and there is much happiness, they even filming buying in the mall… In the place where we spent our childhood with Noisemaker that did not exist, it was a rather gray place in general, our idea Is to show a little that, heavy metal belongs to the discontent of youth, we try to reflect some of that bitterness in our music, giving back its roots to Heavy Metal.

Can you explain a little bit about how you went about the writing and recording process for this release?

The songs were composed by Noisemaker and I in our rehearsal room, after that we went to a professional studio to record the drums, that day was raining very hard, so we drank a couple of liters of wine while we did, the guy Of the studio that we recorded ended up having a few drinks and talking about music with us, it was good, he knew a lot about The Beatles and similar bands, and we exchanged opinions. After that we recorded the strings in Unholy Tormentor’s studio with amplifiers from his collection, we invited Felipe Greenbird, an old friend, who ended up being a kind of producer and contributing even with guitar arrangements. The voices were recorded by us in a two hour session without many problems, when the mixing and mastering was ready I made the intros and finished mixing. I think the overall result was pretty good and we plan to repeat it, with the same lineup some new ideas for our debut Lp.

First Crime did just come out, but what plans do you have moving forward as far as shows and new releases go?

At the moment we do not intend to play live, I intend to finish a couple of things before we do, recently we started to compose our first album and discuss matters of it, our priority is to continue composing material, one of the things we enjoy most is being in the rehearsal room playing, drinking and laughing, I think that’s enough for the moment.

I want to thank you guys again for taking time to do this interview, I just have one more question. Is there anything in conclusion that you would like to say to your fans?

It was a good time to stop to answer the interview, we believe the real heavy metal bands do not have fans, if not people who enjoy their music, they would tell them to play their vinyls as loud as possible and stay strong on the way to Heavy metal supporting the bands that they think are authentic.
Drink lots of beer and listen to rock and roll, the secrets of heavy metal are hidden there!

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