Review: Throne of Katarsis “An Eternal Dark Horizon”

Review: Throne of Katarsis “An Eternal Dark Horizon”

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Throne of Katarsis “An Eternal Dark Horizon”
Candlelight Records

The grimness of Trve Norwegian Black Metal never dies. For all those who have a doubt on this I am serving you Throne Of Katarsis. A Total grim jorney through the cold abysmal atmosphere of this album. A must-have for all those who wish to add another gem to their black collection. An unique style, very stunning riffs, an internal black dynamism and also absolutely a style of their Own.

Led by Vardalv on drums and Grimnisse on guitars, bass, lyrics and songwriting, I can say that this album can be considered a colossal monumentum of dakness and glorifying grim material place on ‘’Hall Of Fame’’ of Black Metal history. I know the fanatics perhaps are wondering why I am considering this material a gem????

It’s as its sound, cold, grim and trve Norwegian at its best, no doubt on it. It’s not a band that continues to follow some of the symbols of the early Norwegian Black Metal bands. No. This band has a unique originality seeing and listening some acoustic guitars, and all its way the album sounds so well to my tastes.

Vardalv seems to have done an excellent work on drum, a variability on each track. I told you, it’s an album full of inspiration, cold grim atmosphere from the north. Each track has got the originality and the signature of the duo. A sharp guitar playing on its natural state, a very unique and great work on the variability and dynamics of the whole album is a sign of maturity and of course professionally speaking, I am enjoying a lot this production.

You won’t feel annoyed by this album. It’s really a gem. The melodic structures are constructed accurately in the spirit of raw grim black metal of unique piece from Norway. I wouldn’t complain about almost nothing, an album of 5 tracks equal to 5 black stars, I definitely appreciate the concept, the playing, the spirit, everything.

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