Interview: The Barber

Interview: The Barber

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The Barber is a groovy mix of punk, hardcore and rock’n’roll. Four guys are making this hellish brew since 2012, and not a long time ago their second album General Thrashing was released. An interview about «sex, drugs, rock’n’roll», fests, gigs and the music, of course.

Who are The Barber and why did you called your band this name?

The Barber is a band from Russia. We play music where such genres like rock’n’roll, hardcore and punk rock can be heard clearly. Inspired by old school rock’n’roll, we put some classics old riffs in the middle of our art and spicing them with actual heavy sound with hardcore energy.

This name does not bring any special semantic load, it’s just cool word which is easy to read, write and pronounce. Also this word is some kind of vintage, and that’s also important for us.

In spring 2016 your new album General Thrashing was released. Tell about it. How were the songs created? How was the recording?

This, in fact, our first LP and our first experiment with a new band’s line-up. The songs were written easily and the whole album was created and recorded quite quick. It was recorded at Make Some Noise Studio in Moscow in a month. The whole process was filmed, and now we prepare few movie episodes about General Thrashing recording.

Where do you get the stories for the songs?

Stories can be everywhere: there can be some stories from our lives, from our friends’ lives, some movies, books, even albums or songs from the other bands that we like. To inspire by what’s surrounds you – it’s all about us. We are not proponents of deep and wise semantics in songs, which you should think for centuries about. Conversely, we think that music should joy, discharge your brain and soul. Listener should get free while listening to us, relax, dance, maybe even drink and fuck. Or in a last resort is to fight, it’s helpful sometimes.

What’s going first for you, music or lyrics?

We have our own algorithm of creation: every new track is starting from a new riff. So I guess it’s music. But sometimes it’s the story and a couple of lines, which are lays down on a riff. Well, everything is primary, everything is important.

Do you  yourselves satisfied with General Thrashing?

Well, if we weren’t satisfied, we wouldn’t showed it to anyone. Of course we are: this album is conceptual, holistic and it don’t have any unnecessary song or story. It has a concrete promise and unique sound, which we were happy to achieve. So, in this moment, this is the best what we’ve recorded.

Your ideal sound is?

Our ideal sound is our album. We’re trying to transfer it in live also, working on a sound individuality, energy and professonality.

What’s the main problem in music nowadays?

I don’t know for sure how it is going in Europe and other world, but in Russia there is one issue, talking about underground where we belongs. In our country we don’t have any big festival, where you can see a range of bans from someone like us to Metallica. I mean something like «Rock Am Ring» in Germany, «Download» in France, «Groizerock» in Belgium and «Reading Leeds» in UK. We can take every Europe country, not talking about USA, and they have their own festival. We don’t have any. And that’s the main problem: you don’t have levels, stairs which will help to the bands that no worse than their Europe colleagues.

There is an opinion that rock’n’roll must be antisocial. What do you think about it?

I don’t know about antisocial, but this is special music, certainly. In our case if we have some protest, it’s more banter but not a call to action.

Sex, Drugs, Rock’n’Roll or is there something else?

Yeah, something else also appeared – performing professionalism. You just can’t fucking deceive the listener now. But in common you’re right: sex, drugs, booze and rock’n’roll (smiling).

Your ideal gig, what is it?

Our ideal gig is a small club with almost missing stage, many people, stage diving, singalong, sweat, alcohol and madness.

Where would you like to go with a concert or a tour?

Right now  we are planning a little Europe tour. We will be happy with a short two weeks journey and four or five countries. Hope, that we can do it next May.

What do you listen now? Who inspires you?

Everyone have his own playlist. Someone was raised on punk like Rancid, someone on early Metallica and Motorhead, but now we are listening a lot of music and no worthy band will pass by us. Also we can name ETID, Cancer Bats, The Bronx, Trash Talk, Kvelertak, The Shrine.

What should your fans expect in near future?

In nearest future our fans should expect new and fucking awesome songs and videos, ‘cos we’re not planning to stop and preparing something cool now. Also we will play many gigs and make some other projects. We love to work, so there will be many new killing as fuck songs.

Few words to our readers, please.

Few words: dudes, never give up! Always finish what you’ve started, learn to enjoy the little things and the things you’ve got. Listen to the good music, learn it, understand it. Be unrepeatable and say «fuck off» to everyone who try to cut your balls. Hit first and get what’s yours!

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