Review: Vio-Lence ”Let The World Burn” [Metal Blade Records]

Review: Vio-Lence ”Let The World Burn” [Metal Blade Records]

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The enormous amount of 80s Thrash Metal bands reuniting seems endless. It feels like at least two times a year I still get a massive surprise of either completely obscure band or a band that seems totally unlikely to reunite announcing a comeback tour and eventually a new album. And every time I get equally surprised as if I haven’t learned that it would probably happen as long as at least one member is still alive. Now the time has come for Vio-Lence to wreak havoc once again.

Guitarist Phil Demmel decided to leave his companion Robb Flynn to fend for himself in Machine Head. Instead, Phil called his old friends, vocalist Sean Killian and drummer Perry Strickland and brought this blowtorch back to life. On bass we get Christian Olde Wolbers from Fear Factory, and the second guitar is handled by the legendary Bobby Gustafson who played on Overkill’s classic 80s albums.

Vio-Lence’s debut album Eternal Nightmare is one of the best Thrash albums ever made, so they surely have a lot to live up to here. The Bay Area maniacs let us know right away that they mean business. The sidestep Nothing to Gain never happened in their world. This is taking us straight back to Oppressing the Masses with a vicious onslaught of raw, vile and intense Thrash Metal. Songs like “Screaming Away” and Let the World Burn are smashing your teeth right out of place with almost the same intensity as they had nearly 40 years ago. And even thou they slow down the tempo a lot in the ultra-heavy “Upon Their Cross” is still has the same menacing and ferocious aura as the classics had.

Sure, the first two albums were masterpieces and such a unique and intense experience when they came out. This one doesn’t have the same “wow factor”, as it feels just like it has been done already. At the same time, this is also exactly what we would expect from the guys. Vio-Lence still knows how to create some brutal Thrash Metal and unless you want something new, mind-blowing or unique, this one sure is a punch in the gut worth getting.

Score: 79/100

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