RUBY THE HATCHET “Valley Of The Snake” review

RUBY THE HATCHET “Valley Of The Snake” review

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RUBY THE HATCHET “Valley Of The Snake

Tee Pee Records

From time to time my soul wanted some kind of light but dark music; when it happens – I’m always trying to find some psychedelic / stoner / rock / metal album. Right now my soul being such state, and at the same time I got this record for review. Since very first chords my ears start bleeding and my mind become fragile, heheJ. Well, Ruby The Hatchet is a psychedelic stoner rock band (I prefer to call it – psychedelic doom metal), came from USA, female fronted and just amazing. First of all – vocals – it’s purely awesome and just beautiful when it comes to such style of music; vocals are clear, but deep and sounds a bit dak thx the whole musical tunes. As for music – the same great side of this album. Catching rhythms of cosmic abyss of doom. All parts made pretty professionally and memrable; each song have enough of various thresholds and tempo-changes. Speaking about tempo-changes – here aren’t anything new or original, in spite of intelligent approach – this is regular psychedelic stoner rock, withiout anything new but with huge soul of those who created “Valley of the Snake”. The whole album sounds tight and almost all the songs are heavy, except of last song (album titled), which is made in acoustic way. Also would I surprise you if I’ll crossing compare between Ruby The Hatchet and, let’s say – mighty Black Sabbath? Nope? Hehe, I’m agree, ‘coz all those parralels are just shitty fake, music is music, and it can’t be original, i.e. there is existing just WORTH for attention or FAKE music. Ruby The Hatchet is among those who WORTH HUGE attention from the fans worldwide. I have never heard about this band before, but now I’ll search for all the updates from them, like gigs, other reviews, upcoming albums and etc. The songs are neither too long nor too short, but just like should be – not boring and enough. Six great songs on about 40 minutes of Your life. Album will be oficially released February, 2015, so, please be patient, just clear your mind, buy some dark beers and just wait until “Valley of the Snake” will knock in your door! I have NOTHING to add except of “Valley of the Snake” is one of the best start for 2015 into stoner metal scene. Without a doubts highest rate!


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