FINSTERFORST “Mach Dich Frei” review

FINSTERFORST “Mach Dich Frei” review

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The day after tomorrow will see the light 4th full-length album from these German folk metallers, I know fans can’t wait until that date, hehe, to order own copies of CDs and etc. But now you can read some opinion about “Mach Dich Frei” from Antichrist magazine. Well, first of all, album contains 8 tracks, 2 shorts tracks and 6 regular tracks. From 5 up to 15 minutes, and… last track, called “Finsterforst”, which comes with almost 24 minutes (!!!). All is all, this album is worth for attention, with each new album musicians become mature and much skilled, as well as they got new ideas always. I can’t call “Mach Dich Frei” one of the best albums ever, but I can sure you – this is worth for atention. The whole album played in one way – measured and mainly with mid-tempos. Folklore tunes crossing with massive guitars and good vocals sounds pretty good, adding some mysterious into the whole album’s atmosphere. The whole sound is truly awesome, there are enough of low and high tunes, and sounds really ala crystal. The main instruments left the same, and typical for Finsterforst atmosphere, but musically I personally could be able to hear really NEW album, i.e. not like re-make of old ones or continue of previous, but really new one, just like with Motorhead:). The whole album’s atmosphere is not funny, but deep and pressing in its origin, i.e. “Mach Dich Frei” would not  be good with beer in your hands, but it will be good if you’ll throw away all your common deals, sit into the chair, turning off your lamp, then slowly (with each album’s chord) sink into the atmosphere of your personal thoughts. Good atmospheric album, nothing more to say, just worth for attention.


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