Review: Sanctrum ”Rot’

Review: Sanctrum ”Rot’

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Sanctrum is a Swedish thrash/groove metal band which have released this year their second full-length, Rot and same time signed with the Italian record label WormHoleDeath.

The album has 10 tracks, begins with Thousand Lies track and ends with On Justice track.
For the track The Sickness Within, Sanctrum released a video also, where you can watch it below:

Now starting to say a few things about this album, indeed not a bad one, not that is only Thrash, it’s brutal and bit melodic aswell, I was wondering if this year an underground band (their genre), will release something nice, Sanctrum did.
Rot is a technical album, all the instruments can be heard very well, good guitar riffs, Irfan Cancar’s voice is a good one, very strong and brutal than can remite a message to the listeners (a good album if you want to headbang).
I hope to see them live one day, they are a good Thrash/Groove metal band that deserve a chance to be listened, if you’d like them ok, if not is your choice,so all those who likes similar bands as them, I’m sure they’ll enjoy Sanctrum and of course, give a listen to the ‘’Rot’’ album and check the video that rules.


Thousand Lies
Above Us All
This Time Around
The Sickness Within
Painting The River Red
The Ritual
On Justice

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