Slayer “Repentless” review (by Anthony Hoyes (Vorzug))

Slayer “Repentless” review (by Anthony Hoyes (Vorzug))

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Slayer - Repentless - Artwork [800]

Slayer “Repentless”
Nuclear Blast records

I didnt want to bash the band because I had hoped to interview them so if you want to not post this review I do understand, perhaps we can shoot for an interview and that would make for a better because I have a lot of questions about hannemans death and how they bounced back to get the album out. I leave it up to you how you would want to proceed.

When the option to review this album came across my desk, my initial thought was to leave it alone. I’m not known for being a Slayer fan, so I didn’t think this album would be for me. After thinking about it thought I decided that millions of metal fans couldn’t possibly be wrong, and there must have been something about Slayer that I’ve been missing all these years. So Repentless is the first time I’ve intentionally listened to a Slayer album in Twenty years.

A lot of reviewers will mention an albums originality, and with a band like this that has been around for 30 or so years it’s going to be hard to sound original when thousands of bands count you as an influence and try to sound like you. Slayer manages to provide the die hard fans with fact paced signature Slayer riffs throughout the album, but also slowing it down over a couple of tracks to show they have more to offer than just speed.

I have to congratulate Slayer on their track Chasing Death, as it is a well written song with lyrics that fans can relate to in general due to the death of member Jeff Hanneman or more personalized if you have ever watched someone you care for go about killing themselves with substances or otherwise.

At this time however my praise must end. The remainder of the album was a total let down. The lyrics were child like in their simplicity, I wasn’t a fan of the title track Repentless, I felt that the bands fast paced style sounded too much for Tom Araya’s vocals. There were a few places on the album I thought they were playing too fast or perhaps he was singing too slow. Whatever the reason this flaw annoyed me. I didn’t care for the production, and really felt like the album was rushed to release. The album isn’t very memorable, I just listened to it no more than a half an hour ago, and I’ve already forgotten the best parts.

I don’t want to bash this band so I will end the review here and refer to Repentless as an “Okay” album. Nothing special, nothing you haven’t heard before, and nothing you’re missing out on.


(c) Anthony Hoyes (Vorzug)

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