Review: UNMERCIFUL “Ravenous Impulse”

Review: UNMERCIFUL “Ravenous Impulse”

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UNMERCIFUL “Ravenous Impulse”
Unique Leader records

1. Unmerciful
2. Abscission
3. Ravenous Impulse
4. Sociopathic Predation
5. Kill Reflex
6. Habitual Savagery
7. Enduring Torture
8. Kingdom of Serpents
9. Methodic Absolution

American death metal band Unmerciful released some pretty brutal stuff. This album in my opinion, is a tehnical masterpiace, it has insane and killer sound. Band itself has amazing sound and vibe to their music, which makes this album totally awesome.

Crushing riffs, badass vocals, magical solos, all of this gave this album it’s charm. But the negative side is that the all of the songs are almost the same. I understand that this band has some insane tehnical skills, but I think the songs would be even better if each of the song was different from another. Acoustic is great, production is awesome.

With some powerful brutal lyrics and the sound, band has that death metal vibe and energy, and the essence of it is completly there on the album. Very destructive release that will crush your skull, and eat your brain. This album has delivered death in the best possible way.

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