Review: Wormwood ”Ghostlands: Wounds From A Bleeding Earth”

Review: Wormwood ”Ghostlands: Wounds From A Bleeding Earth”

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Ghostlands: Wounds from a Bleeding Earth is the awaited album from Wormwood I wanted to hear, and soon this will be released (10th of March).


A big difference between this new one and their debut EP, ‘’Ghostlands’’, to mention this way, is formed in a few pieces: the melodic, then the atmospheric, some fragments of folk and also death. The main thing I like is the atmospheric background, fitting good in the main genre of Wormwood: melodic black. Another thing is the female vocalist on some tracks, making the sound more atmospheric, in my opinion, the are little death metal elements aswell, then the folk ones which covers a few songs.
An album well done and interesting mixing a lot of elements alltogheter, a pure melodic black metal, better said, atmospheric black metal album!



The Universe Is Dying
Under Hennes Vingslag
Godless Serenade
Silverdimmans Atersken
Tidh Ok Odhe
Beneath Ravens And Bones
The Windmill
What We Lost In The Mist
The Boneless One
To Worship

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