Veiled “Omniscient Veil” review

Veiled “Omniscient Veil” review

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veiled_cover [800]Veiled “Omniscient Veil”
Iron Bonehead

Basically this band was active under another name before, Gnosis of the Witch – 2013-2015, then they became Veiled in 2015. I do not know the reason why musicians decided to re-name its band, and I never heard Gnosis of the Witch, but I like alot what I heard from Veiled. “Omniscient Veil” is the very first stuff recorded under new name, and this demo was released 25 September 2015 on good old cassette format, just like must be, demo released on tape format, and will reach only those devoted, instead of young fans who even do not know how cassette player looks like, hehe. Well, here are four long songs, from 6:22 up to 8:42 minutes long. I listened to this demo for about 6 times, and every time I listening to it just like for the first time. You know, black metal is pretty various nowadays, mostly og the bands using some “new” or some “post” means in their music, but Veiled sounds a bit another way fortunately (for me). Veiled plays atmospheric yet freezing black metal, with really awesome sound, which mostly reminds me old good records from the ’90s. What I like most of all – are those classical obscure and dark black metal rhythms of darkness, (yeah, with typical guitar and drumming sound), and mixed with really great atmosphere, with enough dose of dark melancholy and with truly dark moods. Iron Bonehead productions has been found not only good band for release, but lokks like he was so excited by Veiled music so label boss even did session vocals on “Omniscient Veil II” song… “Omniscient Veil” is truly grim and atmospheric, catching and freezing demo, which should be heard by all black metal fans.
“From total death comes total rebirth…”


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