Video: Metal Church “Damned If You Do”

Video: Metal Church “Damned If You Do”

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METAL CHURCH have released the first music video for the title track ‘Damned If You Do.’ The song is quintessential METAL CHURCHand showcases the sound that has garnered the band fans all around the globe, with its driving guitar riffs, punishing drum beat and instantly recognizable vocals. The live performance video can be seen here:

Purchase the single now:

Comments Mike Howe,

“I hope the fans enjoy this first video, it really sets the tone for the entire album. We are doing our best to keep metal alive METAL CHURCH style. Damned if we didn’t!”

Adds Stet Howland,

“From my first listen of the ‘Damned If You Do’ demo I was blown away. From Mike’s “hummm” intro to Kurdt’s bad ass guitar riff to the infectious chorus, I was hooked! If I was any more excited people would have to call me “shit legs.” Hahaha.”

Pre-order Damned If You Do, here:

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