Vile Disgust “Love All the Pigs” review

Vile Disgust “Love All the Pigs” review

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Vile Disgust “Love All the Pigs”

Bizarre Leprous Productions

Like the soundtrack to the most disgusting horror film you’ve ever seen, Vile Disgust provides truly mind-bending and subversive Grindcore and Brutal Death Metal that is gut-wrenchingly gross. Featuring some of the most insanely low and guttural vocals you’ll ever hear, Love All Pigs comes across as a horrific symphony of blast beats, pig grunts, and crushing riffs. As one can find some sort of enjoyment in disturbing and repulsive films, so can one find something to truly enjoy in Vile Disgust’s newest output. It’s musically satisfying in all of the ways that Goregrind should be, with an added boost of, shall we say, personality. Like Pasolini’s The 120 Days of Sodom or, more notably, The Human Centipede, this release is so shocking and subversive in its perversion that it not only warrants repeat listens, but begs to be shown to others as well. As of now, this is the only full-length that the Hungarian troupe has to offer, but, needless to say, they’re worth watching for future material. For distasteful and repellant music, it hardly gets much better than this.

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