Jig-Ai “Rising Sun Carnage” review

Jig-Ai “Rising Sun Carnage” review

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Jig-Ai “Rising Sun Carnage”

Bizarre Leprous Productions

Is there a way for any album or band to be at once generic and profoundly engaging? If so, then Jig-Ai accomplishes this in spades, though not in the way one might imagine. The music itself is overly typical Goregrind fare, generically blasting and grunting along with a couple of memorable tracks here and there (“Koza Kura” and “Animal Revenge”). That being said, Jig-Ai, whose name derives from a traditional method of suicide for Japanese women, gives one a lot to engage with in their imagery and lyrical content. Among the band’s lyrical obsessions include rape, violent hentai, and the mutilation of women, particularly Japanese women. Certainly, they attempt to veil this content with an element of humor – titles like “Rest in Piss” are so bad, they’re almost comical – but to what degree is this effective in dealing with discriminate violence and misogyny? Not very. If the band is trying to make a point, they missed their mark, and the music, though by no means horrible, is not enough to redeem the embarrassing ignorance found on this recording. As for the music, it is, of course, pulverizing and decently savage Goregrind, which fans of the genre will find at least moderately satisfying, but not particularly memorable. All in all, a big swing and a miss.

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