Gig report: Rotting Christ & Sectorial @ Lviv, UKRAINE

Gig report: Rotting Christ & Sectorial @ Lviv, UKRAINE

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September, Friday, 13. Lviv, Rotting Christ, FEST Republic. Is this a coincidence? I don’t think so. I think it’s super great!

Before the show there were some rumors that some christian orthodox fanatics should come and disrupt the show, but… Or they’ve changed their mind and haven’t come or they did, but changed their mind here and they are not Christians anymore. Anyway, the number of fans got bigger, I’m sure.

But let’s get back to the show. Ukrainian band Sectorial warmed up the place. I never listened to them and even never heard about them. Don’t beat me, I just didn’t know that Ukraine scene has such great bands like this! I really liked them! First of all, they sing in Ukrainian, so they already have my respect. Also there are some ancient motives; this makes the music much more interesting and exciting. I really wish these guys will be really famous one day.

I didn’t get a chance to see Rotting Christ at Brutal Assault this year, so I waited for their Lviv show eagerly (I wasn’t alone in this). And here they are, right before my birthday! It was real magic! Everything was great and the band was epic! I didn’t care about the crowd around me! Seemed that Sakis‘ voice got to my merrow. Music rhythms were calling to some deepest feelings, and I went to them, right to the stage! Honestly, I moshed, headbanged and reaped my throat like there’s no tomorrow. Like I don’t need this goddamn head on my neck. But it couldn’t happen another way, because even dead will mosh and headbang when Rotting Christ on stage! That’s the spirit!

I hope that Rotting Christ will come back to our country not once because one time is not enough. That’s the truth.

Also I want to appeal to all Ukrainian metalheads: guys and girls, I think we can do better! I really hope that we’ll surprise everyone on the next show in Lviv with our amount. Because we’re strong when we are together.

I want to thank all organizers for the great night – VA concerts. Everything was great. Maybe there were some lacks but I didn’t notice them at all. You provided an excellent mood for the whole month!

P.S. I also got an artifact from Rotting Christ, a pick from Andreas, which he didn’t threw but put in my hand. So I’m happy like a little girl with a new doll!

P.P.S. I write this with Rotting Christ in my earphones and red wine in my glass. Because the world stands on good music and red wine. And that one who disagree can cast a stone at me.

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