Interview: Jim Mutilator (Yoth Iria, ex- Rotting Christ, ex- Varathron)

Interview: Jim Mutilator (Yoth Iria, ex- Rotting Christ, ex- Varathron)

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Jim Mutilator is known in the Greek metal scene, being one of the founding members of Rotting Christ, and former bassp layers of Varathron.
Jim teamed up with Necromantia and Thou Art Lord’s The Magus, forming a new black metal band, Yoth Iria, which in 2020, they released the first EP Under His Sway. This year, YT presents their debut album As The Flame Withers, an amazing album, which I’m recommending to check out.
Below you can read an interview I’ve conducted with Jim, where he talked about Yoth Iria, the new album, influences and future plans.

Greeting Jim and nice having you to our magazine. First of all, congrats for the new album. What an album!
Thanks for your kind and I’m happy to see you like my new work.

Let’s talk about As The Flame Withers: what is the concept behind the album? I can definitely hear some Rotting Christ influences on the album, do you agree with this?
In few words, As the Flame Withers is a dedication to Yoth Iria. Yoth Iria are the rays that Lucifer has sent to the earth to warm man’s souls and support simple people with courage and strength against tyrannity and lies. You know that this is the true story, Lucifer and His demons are the true friends and companion for humanity and the ones that take care of the universal balance. Some further information for YI, is the one who built the first pyramid and is the inverter of inverted cross. Inverted cross is a powerful symbol to keep the energy in earth protecting mother earth and all its creatures. Of course Leaders/elitists of this world turn the cross up as they want the energy go up to nowhere. I’m not the one to judge about any musical influences. I can say that I compose music in the way I feel it. In fact I’m in this kind of music since early 80s and I’ve tons of hearings. Of course all these hearings may have an impact on my writing way even unconsciously.
Concerning some similarities with Rotting Christ is logical as I compose in the same way as I used to do in my Rotting Christ days.

Mostly, you wrote the lyrics. Does Magus have a contribution in the lyrics and writing process?
Lyrics on Under His Sway EP are mine. After The Magus took care of the vocals he asked to help by writing lyrics. So most of the lyrics in As the Flame Withers are done by him. My only lyrical offer in the album are on the tracks “Unborn, Undead, Eternal“ and “The Luciferian“.  Also “Hermetic Code“ is based on my own ideas.

Where do you get inspired and influenced? Where did you choose Yoth Iria as the band name?
Yoth Iria is my personal guardian since I was a kid. I first named him on the track 4th knight of revelation (1993 Thy Mighty Contract) and after I was looking for a name for my new band it came to me visionary. As I told you my main influences come to me through my all journey into this kind of music. It means I’m influenced from everything from NWOBHM, traditional metal to black metal, even from punk and psychedelic music or classical rock.

For now, the band is you and Magus (Necromantia, Thou Art Lord). For the new album, you got the help of George Emmanuel (ex Rotting Christ, Lucifer’s Child) on guitars and Giannis “Maelstrom“ Votsis (Dephosphorus, Violent Definition, ex Dodsferd) on drums. Do you plan to have a full lineup in the future?
All we need are some good sessions for any possible live shows. The band is me and The Magus.

You are known in the Greek metal scene, especially for your active years with Rotting Christ and Varathron. How do you see the Greek metal scene today, comparing to the past?
There are so many great new bands and I’m really excited to see so many young people playing this kind of music and most excited to see they are really dedicated in what they do. I can say that the new bands still try keeping the old flame alive by drawing influences from the traditional Hellenic black metal sound or Scandinavian black metal one but still try to build their own identity and this is very good and important for me.

What are the next plans for Yoth Iria, as well your other projects?
I’m planning and see forward (after we return to normality) to play as more live shows I can.
Also I’m planning on going to the studio after the summer of 2021 starting recording the successor of As the Flame Withers as the main ideas for an upcoming album is already built by me.

Thanks a lot for your time Jim, it was my pleasure and hope to see you on the road someday!
Thanks as well for your support.Thanks to all the readers of Antichrist mag who will read this interview.Satan is love, light, knowledge and freedom. Non Serviam!

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