KORPIKLAANI – Release “Bira Bira” [feat. Jesper Anastasiadis TURISAS]

KORPIKLAANI – Release “Bira Bira” [feat. Jesper Anastasiadis TURISAS]

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Today, KORPIKLAANI are pleased to release another version of ‘Beer Beer’. This time it is ‘Bira Bira’ featuring TURISAS’ Jesper Anastasiadis singing in Greek!
Continuing KORPIKLAANI’s concept of singing in different languages and cultural influences for ‘Beer Beer’.

TURISAS’ Jesper states:

“Having a cold one under the scorching Greek sun on a hot summer day is one of the finer things in life! Worked out the lyrics with my cousin Ilias Anastasiadis and super proud and excited to be a part of a KORPIKLAANI release! Drink beer and stay safe!”


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