GODZILLA IN THE KITCHEN released first Live Material with their new Drummer Thiago Presto

GODZILLA IN THE KITCHEN released first Live Material with their new Drummer Thiago Presto

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After welcoming their new drummer Thiago Presto from Brazil, Godzilla In The Kitchen started with two gigs in South Germany and released two live videos with him.

After 2 successful concerts in Stuttgart and Immeldorf there is finally the first live material with their new drummer Thiago Presto. The YouTuber Ghostfaize has released 2 songs from the show in Stuttgart at Club Zentral.

Check out “The King Of Monsters” here:

Check out “Everything That Has Been Given” here:

Gig Blog was kind enough to visit the concert in Stuttgart and report on it: https://www.gig-blog.net/2024/04/18/bees-made-honey-in-the-vein-tree-godzilla-in-the-kitc hen-12-04-2024-club-zentral-stuttgart/

“It’s more about moods and dynamics here. Although instrumental music tires me out quite quickly, but Godzilla In The Kitchen manage to keep the interest high with good arrangements and song ideas. The really very good, very clear sound helps enormously. Good band that!”

The Fränkische Landeszeitung also had nothing but words of praise for the newly rebranded band after visiting their gig in immeldorf:

https://www.flz.de/godzilla-in-the-kitchen-spielt-in-immeldorf-auf/cnt-id-ps-90d51282-271a-4 10e-96b1-0ee6dc231d87

“The new line-up was not recognizable to the uninitiated listener. The band was a unit. Everything seemed as if it had been like this for many years. No breaks, no inconsistencies, just sound, pure sound that carried the audience away into the world of a peaceful, balanced Godzilla.”

About the Band:
Godzilla In The Kitchen already thrilled 2022 and 2023 at the WACKEN OPEN AIR. Over a year after the release of their 2nd album “EXODUS” and two subsequent tours, the band will also have some gigs in 2024 before starting to work on their 3rd album.

As a follow-up to the impressive debut album GODZILLA IN THE KITCHEN, EXODUS also presents itself as an authentic and lively instrumental work, which invites you to dive in and enjoy. It was released in October 2022 under Argonauta Records, the label of the Band. At the metal magazine “Time for Metal” it reads like this: “Godzilla In The Kitchen play music I didn’t know I needed in my life. Music that stirs the imagination. Music that I would love to play myself.

Proggers and stoner rockers of the world unite and join Team Godzilla. You won’t regret it.” Time for Metal 9/10

With a refreshing mix of melodic recognizability and rhythmic complexity, Godzilla In The Kitchen provide excitement in their live performances.

Booking requests at: broken-music@posteo.de


Argonauta Records:

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