Lyric video premiere: Archspire “Involuntary Doppelgänger”

Lyric video premiere: Archspire “Involuntary Doppelgänger”

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The first crushing song premiere of the forthcoming new ARCHSPIRE tech death masterpiece, ‘Relentless Mutation’, which will be out on September 22nd via Season Of Mist records.

“‘Involuntary Doppelgänger’ is the first track from our upcoming release ‘Relentless Mutation.’ We are extremely proud of what we were able to accomplish with Dave Otero at Flatline Audio, he was able to keep the production clear enough for every instrument to be heard, even at such a fast tempo. We hope you enjoy this first track, and we’ll be releasing more of ‘Relentless Mutation’ soon! Stay Tech!”


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