Review: Barbarian Prophecies – Origin

Review: Barbarian Prophecies – Origin

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Barbarian Prophecies Origin
Base Record Production / Hecatombe Records

Solid black/death metal release from Spain. I’m surprised that not a whole lot of people have discovered this band! They play solid metal material that isn’t very fast, but quite dark. Their tempos and music has a certain eerie vibe to it. Their compositions, roughly one hour in length, are quite heavy as well as original. The vocalist is actually female, though she can really spurt out some deep throat. I liked every song on this album. Their predecessor I found not to be as interesting as this album. It just has more substance to it and the songwriting is much better on here. Not to mention the raw production quality. It’s not raw that much, just enough to make it a dark atmosphere.

I haven’t heard many bands like this one. Maybe Belphegor but not as extreme. I’d have to say that I wasn’t amused with this release right off the bat. I liked it more and more as I played it multiple times. The music is notorious for its noteworthiness. And the vocals all the way through are brutal. Definitely feeling the vibe here with this one. Only it’s hard to find in the US. I would say that this album is one of the top ones that will be in 2018. The reason is because it’s so original and intriguing. It’s formulated quite well and just all the music between heavy and clean song(s) are all encompassing. Barbarian Prophecies needs to be more well known!

This onslaught opens up like painting the picture of how well it’s going to pan out from start to finish. Don’t expect anything “happy” from them, they are too brutal of a band than to think they’re going to play anything but dark stuff. The opening starts up as black metal-esque though throughout it’s a black/death mix. They change it up as the album progresses. They’re totally experimenting with different sounds and melodies. I’d say the music is what strikes home the most. It’s brutal but interesting work. I can’t say that I didn’t like every song, I can say I thought that the mix of black/death made it a very good listen to. And all the different overtures made it most intriguing.

Do yourself a favor for 2018 and by this album! I can’t say enough good things about it because it’s just so noteworthy and intriguing to listen to. It was a gem of a release for this year. The music, production and vocals are all unique and they have their own type of groove to them. They far exceeded my expectations as a black/death band. Their music and wholly intriguing litany of songs definitely hits home with me. This album is somewhat hard to find though, you might have to go on Google to find a site that supplies their album. They aren’t on Spotify either, only their previous album is. They’re from Spain so you may have to find a site other than Amazon to order it. Do it!

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