Review: Morbosatan “The Last Sacrifice”

Review: Morbosatan “The Last Sacrifice”

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Morbosatan “The Last Sacrifice”
Blood Harvest

When I pushed “play” and before I checked out facts about MORBOSATAN I thought directly: “PERU!!!” It can sound at least strange because I did it during listening the intro (“Leontina Laiz prayers”). And again I was right. This band comes from capital and largest city of this country. Almost eleven millions of people live there and it means that scene in this city is also huge! (Of course not all Peruvian bands come from Lima… But this band is).

Somewhere in 2013 three guys decided to play together. It was how MORBOSATAN was found. “The Last Sacrifice” is fourth release ever of the band. Previous two are demos (“Promo Rehearsal 2+13” and “Morbosatan”) and EP entitled “Morboceremonial Invocations”. Well, reviewing stuff is also an EP, so the band still waits for its first full-length. And let’s be honest, it should happen soon if we’ll judge after the music only!

We have here mentioned above an intro with two songs. Anyway, “Leontina Laiz prayers” takes more time than the rest of EP. Music is… When I listen to it I have huge connotation with the legendary band from the same city. Band which exists since 1992 and which’s last album is “Peste Negra, Murte Negra”. I’m even more than sure that this band is big inspiration for Rick Retrobestia (Rick B. Rázuri – bass, voc), Toñín Destructor (Antonio Amador Laiz – dr) and Bernie Maleficarum (guit). By the way, Toñín is musician with really huge experience who played in mentioned band and few others – the best known for Metalheads surely should be another living legend of Peruvian scene: HADEZ.

So these two songs (“La Bestia Apocaliptica” and “The Last Sacrifice”) are just Death/Black/Thrash Metal blasts which are mostly in fast tempos. The fact is that the first one begins rather innocently, but everyone who listens to Metal longer than two weeks can feel that it’ll finish soon and after that it’ll become music apocalypse. Riffs are short, sharp, and predatory as well. They don’t change too often, but they’re absolutely not unvarying! We haven’t here any solos (well, in one moment of “La Bestia Apocaliptica” we can hear something what we could recognize as something like that – but only if we’d be very dogged to find it), tin whistles and so on – just pure Metal wind forward! Drums are also working in totally uncompromising way. Of course it’s not mindless beating! If we’ll listen to it carefully than we’ll notice that Toñín’s play is really various and technically advanced. It happens really a lot on this field. He uses as much cymbals as it’s possible in music like that what means that he does it very often, to don’t say that almost whole the time. Rick’s vocal is also just like it should be – frenzied in the vein growling of Emilio Urbay known better as Milo Possessor. But it’s a little bit more predatory, I think…

So if you’re maniac of mentioned above bands (especially this which recorded mentioned above album) than MOTORSATAN is just for you!!! I’ll surely listen to it very often.

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Bart Tomaszewski
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