Review SHEIDIM “Shrines of the Void” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

Review SHEIDIM “Shrines of the Void” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

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Sheidim “Shrines of the Void”
Dark Descent Records

That’s interesting that some countries are, we can say, more sophisticated on some sub-genres of Metal than other ones. SHEIDIM comes from Spain and this country was always stronger on Death Metal field. But this time we have some antithesis here. That’s right that in music created by A. T. (Alejandro Tedín – bass), J. F. (drums),   C. S. (guit) and A.  K. (voc) there’re strong influences of mentioned above kind of music – especially in guitar’s and often drums’ way of playing. But in this point I agree with describing of musicians: Black/Death Metal.

It’s not only about vocal which I connote more with Black than Death. “More” coz this isn’t some squeal or something like that. A. K. use rather Greek way of singing Black Metal, but I have impression that he does it with a little more hoarse voice.  Surely it’s well understandable – sometimes near to scream, sometimes to clean voice, but always you can understand what stay written in lyric. It’s much more about common atmosphere of this music.  That’s truth that especially C. S. plays, as I said, in Death Metal manner. It’s strange, but even these typical Black Metal riffs sound like it’d be Death Metal. Even strangest is that from technical point of view they maybe sound like they’d be Death Metal ones, but in the same time we know all the time very well that we have to do with Black Metal. There’s this “something” in them. I know that it sounds at least a little twisted what I wrote, but what to do if it’s truth… Anyway, they’re not complicated and there’re not tons of them, but they’re varying enough.

Besides at least sometimes they’re melodic, but in this brutal meaning. J.F. use his drums also with imagination – even if it’s, the same like guitar, not something like “Wow, how the hell he played this?!?” For me both instrument, and bass, play just in the way they should to do it. As to tempo of this music it fluctuates from slow to really fast ones. Everything’s very ably arranged, by the way.

Well, I think that this stuff (second one in history of the band, short history coz they was born in 2012) will be something wanted for fans of both mentioned above sub-genres of Metal, and if somebody likes mix of them than it’s ideally for her/him.

(c) Bart Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD)

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