ADRAMELCH “Opus” Release info

ADRAMELCH “Opus” Release info

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Adramelch “Opus” – release, tracklisting, release date: 22th of May 2015
‘Opus’ is a Latin word. It defines “an artistic work, especially on a large scale”. And this fits perfectly for the fourth release of Adramelch and will be released at 22.05.2015. The CD is already available for purchase at our “Keep It True Festival” stand (24./25. April 2015).

Yes, the outstanding progressive metallers from Milan, Italy, are back with a new album. And this only a few years after their beautiful ‘Lights From Oblivion’, the debut for the Pure Prog record label. As a welcome exception, this time Adramelch have speedup their pace, and with a reason.

On the one hand, ‘Opus’ marks the official end of Adramelch discographic career. For a number of reason, the band has decided to call it quit, drawing the final curtain on the career of Italy’s most influential and charismatic combo. But, before leaving forever, the band has decided to produce yet another milestone, set to leave a mark on the scene, as every output of them did so far. And man they made it. On the other hand, ‘Opus’ is probably the most atmospheric and mature album of Adramelch career. Once again, the band has not limited itself to repeat is glorious past, but has looked forward, managing to create a new masterpiece, adding new colors and atmospheres, yet totally in line with its past heritage.

‘Opus’ has all the trademarks of the Adramelch sound. From arcane progressions to epic atmospheres, from the overwhelming arrangements to the unique vocals of Vittorio Ballerio, this record shows once again all the facets of the very peculiar sound that has made Adramelch an absolute cult-band, not only in their homeland but around the world.

As always, it’s very hard to pick up single songs, as every Adramelch album is conceived as a composite work, to be received and appreciated as a whole, but a very personal preference goes to the pounding ‘Long Live The Sun’, the beautifully progressive-tinged ‘Only By Pain’, the amazing ballad ‘Fate’ and the astonishing uptempo ‘Forgotten Words’, with its arcane and epic melodies. To make a long story short, ‘Opus’ definitely deserves its name, turning in to be the latest (and last, unfortunately) masterpiece in the history of one of the most talented bands on this planet. Do yourself a favour, pick randomly each song on this album, you won’t regret it at all.

‘Opus’ – some additional quick facts
This last release is also the first time for Adramelch with a professional artistic producer: Guido Block, native German singer and bass player, who gave to this project a real higher gear. The album has been recorded at his “Lo Studio” in Milan. ‘Opus’ also counts on the participation of 2 singers as special guests that offer to this musical prism a further hue. Simona Aileen Pala and the same Guido Block jointhe band in four tracks further embellishing this last masterwork. The album, mastered @ the NewSin Studios (by Luigi Stefanini), will be issued, as the previous one, by the German label Pure Prog, also in vinyl.

ADRAMELCH – a brief history
Their name rose to the headlines 27 years ago, when ‘Irae Melanox’ stunned fans and critics because of its being as catchy as amazingly “out of the ordinary” (4K received from Kerrang! should tell more than a thousand words!). 2003 is the year of the reunion, or rather, of the re-establishment, as Gianluca and Vittorio call to the army new musicians (Sig, Fab and Mau) to revive the project: in 2005 ‘Broken History’ confirmed the power of the band is still there, with an epic metal, tinged with progressive, screaming the pain caused by the madness of the Crusades. In 2012, ‘Lights from Oblivion’, issued by the German label Pure Prog / Pure Steel, though keeping the usual distinctive imprint, red line to the previous albums, drives to an unpredictable evolution, with tremendous ballads and lofty solos. And today it’s the turn of Adramelch’s fourth and last chapter: ‘Opus’ has the arduous task of acting as the final milestone of this extraordinary pathway.

As singer, bass player, guitarist and songwriter, has been founder or member of a number of recording projects (The Event, Lauroja, Noize Machine, Neon Karma…), with hundreds of collaborations with music system first tier players (among which also Dario Mollo, Graham Bonnet, Cesareo – Elio e Le Storie Tese) and countless live shows.

Simona (Thought Machine, Holy Shire) is a talented and very skilled singer that studied with the best coaches. Her voice is strikingly versatile, covering with heart and passion a range that goes from Opera to Growl, passing through Heavy Metal.
1. Black Mirror
2. Long Live The Son
3. Pride
4. Northern Lights
5. Only By Pain
6. A Neverending Rise
7. Fate
8. Ostinato
9. As The Shadows Fall
10. Forgotten Words
11. Trodden Doll
12. Where Do I Belong
Total Playing Time: 66:41 min

Vittorio Ballerio – vocals
Gianluca A. Corona – guitars
Fabio Troiani – guitars
Sarmax – bass
Sigfrido Percich – drums
Gualtiero Insalaco – keyboard


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