Aggravator “Populace Destructor” (Dead Center prods) entire album stream

Aggravator “Populace Destructor” (Dead Center prods) entire album stream

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aggrAmerican old-school thrashers Aggravator and Dead Center productions setted 30 October 2015 as official release date for “Populace Destructor” re-issue. “Populace Destructor” was originally released last year by Canadian Mulligore prods, but now, in aim to get yet more attention and to extend the distribution in European side, and to reach all the fans who could miss this piece of thrashing madness, Aggravator returns to Dead Center prods, who released their first EP “Age Of Combat” stuff back in 2012. Wait for no more than old-school dedicated, full of energy and drive thrash metal, highly inspired by early Sepultura, Kreator and Slayer!

Aggravator proudly shared the stage with such gods like King Diamond, Toxic Holocaust, Exodus, Incantation, Suffocation, Autopsy… among others!
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