AKHLYS unveil new song (feat. NIGHTBRINGER member)

AKHLYS unveil new song (feat. NIGHTBRINGER member)

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Debemur Morti Productions is pleased to reveal “Breath And Levitation” (edited version), a second song excerpt off the new AKHLYS album, “The Dreaming I”. The song is streaming at SoundCloud and here:

Originally conceived in 2009 by NIGHTBRINGER founder Naas Alcameth, AKHLYS unifies the terrifying elements of Dark Ambient with a regal and morose approach to Black Metal.

Their debut album “The Dreaming I” is a grandiose expression of the occult which consists of five otherworldly compositions inspired by vivid dreaming experiences and hallucinations.

An incredible record that is at once intense and hypnotic, “The Dreaming I” presents AKHLYS as a newly-found phenom in the worldwide underground scene.

The track listing is as follows :

01 – Breath And Levitation
02 – Tides Of Oneiric Darkness
03 – Consummation
04 – The Dreaming Eye
05 – Into The Indigo Abyss

AKHLYS was created by Naas Alcameth (NIGHTBRINGER, BESTIA ARCANA) in 2009 to serve as a voice for the Muse that arises from the dark lands between death and dreams. A 37 minute single track dark ambient album entitled “Supplication” was released in limited number by Starlight Temple Society the same year.

Since that time AKHLYS has been slowly fleshed anew arising again as a dark ambient and black metal unification, the reification of dream sojourn through the chambers of Yesod.

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