ALBERTO RIGONI To Release New Single ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ On March 15th

ALBERTO RIGONI To Release New Single ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ On March 15th

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Renowned bassist and composer Alberto Rigoni announces the release of his latest single on March 15th 2024, an instrumental cover of the classic Fly Me To The Moon, in a heartfelt tribute to the legendary Frank Sinatra. This unique rendition stands out as a lullaby-like interpretation, blending delicate and rock elements in a way that only Rigoni can.

Fly Me To The Moon, originally popularized by Sinatra, has been reimagined by Rigoni to capture the essence of the timeless classic while introducing a fresh and innovative sound. The cover features a gentle, lullaby-like first half with instruments such as the xylophone, creating a soothing and melodic atmosphere. The second half transitions into a more robust rock feel, showcasing Rigoni’s signature style.

A highlight of the track is the use of a fretless bass, an instrument choice that adds depth and emotion to the rendition. Rigoni’s mastery of the fretless bass brings a unique flavor to the song, creating a seamless blend of the sweet and the powerful.

“This cover is my homage to one of the greatest singers the world has ever known, Frank Sinatra” says Rigoni. “I wanted to create something that resonates with his legacy while bringing my own touch to this beloved song. The choice of a fretless bass was intentional to give the track a fluid and expressive quality.”

Alberto Rigoni’s cover of Fly Me To The Moon is not just a tribute but a redefinition of the classic, offering listeners a novel experience that bridges generations and genres. The single is now available on all major streaming platforms.

The single will also appear on the forthcoming album Unexpected Lullabies.

Unexpected Lullabies | Released June 4th, 2024 via Sliptrick Records
Unexpected Lullabies is now available on pre-order from Shop Sliptrick …here

Alberto Rigoni is:
Alberto Rigoni – Bass | Plus various guest musicians

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Instagram | On Sliptrick

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