Album stream: KZOHH “26”

Album stream: KZOHH “26”

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KZOHH – “26″ album out today via Ashen Dominion, album premiere in full available now!

KZOHH “26”

1. 51°23’20″N,30°6’38″E
2. 61°45’17″N,59°27’46″E

“51°23’20″N,30°6’38″E” was written and arranged during winter 2017.
Drums, bass and guitars recorded live in Hold Records, Kharkiv, Ukraine, March, 2017.
Engineer Rst7/CBSIE.
“61°45’17″N,59°27’46″E” was written and arranged during winter 2015.
Drums, bass and guitars recorded live in Hold Records, Kharkiv, Ukraine, February, 2015.
Engineer Rst7/CBSIE.
Keyboards and samples recorded in OldHyozthome Studio, Uzhgorod, Ukraine, spring 2017 – autumn 2017.
Engineer Hyozt.
Vocals recorded in Beast Sound Studios, Uzhgorod, Ukraine, winter 2017
Engineer Dmytro Pavlovskiy.
Mixed and mastered in Hold Records, Kharkiv, Ukraine, winter 2017.
Engineer Rst7/CBSIE.

Music written by Helg & Hyozt.
Lyric written by Zhoth.
Produced and arranged by KZOHH.
Art direction and cover concept by Sir Gorgoroth & KZOHH.
Design by Sir Gorgoroth.
Logo by Alex Tartsus (Morning Star Art studios)

KZOHH are:
Khorus – bass
Zhoth – vocals
Odalv – drums
Helg – guitars
Hyozt – guitars, keys and samples

Genre: Pestilent Black Metal Ritual
Record label: Ashen Dominion
Release date: 26.04.2018

About 51°23’20″N,30°6’38″E  song:

April 26, 1986 01:23:47 a.m.
“… Flames … Flames all around …
Everything seemed to shine … The whole sky … A high flame …
Soot … Burning bitumen … Stepping like on a resin …
We shoot down the fire … But it crawls and creeps …”

The Chernobyl disaster … This is one of the most tragic pages not only of
Ukrainian history, but of the whole world.
The catastrophe has become the largest in the history of nuclear energy,
both in terms of the number of people killed
but also affected by its consequences…

About 61°45’17″N,59°27’46″E  song:

“The Legend has it that Nine Mansi hunters stayed on the slope of
the mountain of Holatchahl over night during their hunting trip.
The next morning all nine were found dead by their friends.
None of them showed any signs of violent death.
Thus the mountain became regarded as haunted.
Local native tribes avoided the peak and never ventured here…

February 26, 1959…
nine bodies were found dead from the group
under the leadership of Igor Dyatlov…
nine similar deaths…Unnatural and incredible…”

2014 Winter. The new band from members of KhorsYggReusmarktDjurUlvegr,Elderblood is created.

Autumn. The first album “IAOLTDOTAD” is released by No Colours Records (Germany).

Khorus – bass, Zorn – vocals, Odalv – drums, Helg – guitars, Hyozt – keys and samples.

2015 Summer. Zhoth (Reusmarkt) replaces Zorn and becomes the new singer of band.

Autumn. Second album “Rye. Fleas. Chrismon.” is released by No Colours Records(Germany).
Winter. First show on Via Sinistra III Festival.

2016 Autumn. Second album “Rye. Fleas. Chrismon.” is released in LP format by Osmose Productions (France).

Third album “Trilogy: Burn Out The Remains” is released by Ashen Dominion (Ukraine).

2017 Summer. Third album “Trilogy: Burn Out The Remains” is released in LP format byOsmose Productions (France).

2018 Spring. Forth album “26” is released by Ashen Dominion (Ukraine).

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