Antipope unveils a new music video “Twilight of the Grey Gods”

Antipope unveils a new music video “Twilight of the Grey Gods”

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Finland’s Antipope releases a new single and music video “Twilight of the Grey Gods”. The track is taken from the band’s upcoming 6th studio album, “Rex Mundi”. The song “Twilight of the Grey Gods” represents a more atmospheric and melancholic side of the album while still maintaining constant straight-forward pressure and intensity that characterizes “Rex Mundi”. Coupled with the previously released single track, “Church of Wolves”, these two songs denote the extremes of the thematic spectrum of the album. Whilst “Church of Wolves” tells the story from the point of view of the absolute dominance of organized religion that swept across Europe in the Middle Ages, “Twilight of the Grey Gods” tells the somber story of inevitability of demise and waning of ancient believes and spiritual practices hidden in the woods and dark valleys.

Watch “Twilight of the Grey Gods”:

Set to be released by Moribund Records on October 28th 2022, Antipope’s upcoming album “Rex Mundi” is a through-and-through concept album set in the 1200’s based on the Albigensian Crusade / Cathar Wars. The album will present 11 bold tracks of progressive, melodic, and deeply conceptual metal unrestricted by the confines of any singular genre. The bloody, brutal, and tragic story of the birth of the Inquisition and the rise of the church of Rome as the spiritual super-power of the era is backed by melodic yet heavy guitar rhythms which breathe with acoustic and orchestral segments, all interspersed amongst monster metal riffs and searing drum grooves. The album showcases a depth and range of sound and variation demanded by the epic, apocalyptic, and tragic story told on “Rex Mundi”.

In September, Antipope released the first single track “Church of Wolves” –

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