Antyra “Pentachronist” review

Antyra “Pentachronist” review

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Pentachronist-CoverAntyra “Pentachronist”

Antyra comes from Germany, beautiful city Leipzig. “Pentachronist” is the very first full-length album of theirs. But I still remember I reviewed their first EP about 7 years ago, but that was an EP back then, and now we have full-length album here. To be honest, to try to describe this album very deep is almost impossible… Why? Just because musicians did really reach work and I’m sure they spent alot of time and nerves to make this album alive… It’s hard to describe, but Antyra’s music is really reach mixture between different styles of metal and not metal… From time to time their music sounds like some melodic metal, sometimes like just heavy metal, sometimes like some kind of almost avant-garde metal, and for sure you’ll find some powerful progressive tunes. But all in all – due to the lyrics and etc – this is some kind of Epic Metal, really reach for melodies, rhythms… For example, there are many “intros” before the songs, and it sounds like some long fairytale recorded into music, hehe. As I told you before – this is hard to describe music, and moreover once you’ll get this Digipak in your hands, you’ll see many interesting things, like special illustrations about the song etc. So the whole album sounds very catching and atmospheric, something like medieval atmosphere, epic and majestic, but luckily not a funny, like it used to be in folk bands for example.

I was enough impressed, thus if you would like to listen to some powerful music, played beyond of genres and borders – you must support the band and order this really nice digipak CD!


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