Archgoat album premiere + interview

Archgoat album premiere + interview

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ARCHGOAT The Luciferian Crown released today via Debemur Morti. Here we go with the album streaming in full. I also had a chance to ask couple of questions to the band, here we go:

The Luciferian Crown was described as “frighteningly-focused vision of hellish corruption, unsentimental, morally abhorrent and steeped in a violent horror all too real.” – could you give us a bit more info on this topic like what does it all means for you personally etc? What about some special message for the fans on The Luciferian Crown?

When I started composing the material for The Luciferian Crown I had the clear idea to create and bring new elements into our music. I like but for whom I have not found the right way to drive them into our songs. My own musical awakening was a powerful factor here, and through the new “tools” brought on by it, I was able to express our music perhaps better than hitherto and bring new aesthetics into it. Another important element was that working with our new drummer offered new solutions to old questions. Since I did both music and the lyrics along with the arrangements, this was a “one-off view” of compiling the package differently than before. During the composing phase, I also used a recording software, through which I could more easily experiment with the possibilities created by overlapping stringed instruments. Perhaps through these factors, it was possible to create a deeply scanning release as we have done before. For the lyrical concept I can say that this album was much more about the Spiritual development towards the Light of Lucifer than the previous works of ours. As my journey has been developing the lyrics – specially on “THE OBSIDIAN FLAME (FROM MY DEPTS)” and “I AM LUCIFERS TEMPLE” – are very personal experience and interpretation of how I understand and see this philosophy and where it has lead me. My journey in this philosophy has changed my understanding many times as how I see Satan – in the beginning of my journey I was worshipping a cosmic power that was external but whose fire I felt inside me. During the years the fire was growing and I suddenly had my moment of enlightenment when I was consumed by this fire and noticed that the external fire was now internal one and one with me. The to catch this fire was my Promethean climb and the fire inside me was something people call the Tree of Knowledge. As far as I understand you can’t make black metal if you are not Satanic because for me this genre is the most philosophical or religious music there ever has been. If you are not one with the power and don’t know Him you sing about how can it be real?

And, do you consider The Luciferian Crown as just next Archgoat’ album or like some huge step forward for band’s history?

Every album is the huge step forwards until the next one comes and becomes the focal point until the next one comes and so on. We’ve always done our music with a certain method, but as you can see through this release, there are certain controlled changes in our music. I do not really feel that we would now be in our zenith and see the challenge of the next release through which I want to bring our music again a step forwards – just as we did now. I feel that we succeeded in our mission to keep the traditional AG elements in our music but most of all to be able to stretch our concept forward in the way I wanted. At this frozen moment this release is the big thing for us but with the miracle of time and with our next release after this one that will climb into focus and turn The Luciferian Crown into “Just next AG album.

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