Arhat – Release Music Video For “Freedom”

Arhat – Release Music Video For “Freedom”

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Ukraine’s Ethnic Groove/Death Metal band ARHAT have released official music video for Freedom! The song was taken from the band’s powerful debut full-length album Dead Life, released last year.

Watch Freedom here:

Order Dead Life here:

Band comments on Freedom:

“We are the band Arhat and we present a music video for the song Freedom from our debut album Dead Life, which was released in December 2020. We chose it not by chance, we consider this song iconic. Freedom is the most valuable thing. This is what we have at the genetic level. Without freedom, any thing is worthless. But at the same time, freedom is everything. Freedom to choose, to be who you are, to live by your own rules. Many thanks to everyone who took part in the creation process! Special thanks to Sergei Subbotin for professionalism, Ruslan Seferov for sincere emotions and positivity, Dmitry Kim for drive drums!”

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