Austrian Heavy Prog Trio INTRA Releases New Single “Last Born”

Austrian Heavy Prog Trio INTRA Releases New Single “Last Born”

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Innovative Austrian trio INTRA has just released their latest single, “Last Born,” which takes listeners on an intimate journey of feeling trapped within the structures of a family. Thematically, the song talks about the confinement and the desperate call for help to break out of it.

With intriguing guitar riffs, playful yet driving beats, and a powerful, emotion-packed vocal performance, INTRA presents contemporary rock music in a multifaceted way. They refuse to be pigeonholed into any specific category and take their audiences on a polychromatic journey from one end of the rock universe to the other.

INTRA‘s precision and perfectly tuned live performances delight audiences with their progressive yet catchy songwriting, which is evident on their second album scheduled for release in late 2023. The new INTRA opus is being poured with heart and soul by the band and co-producer Jan Lesjak.

Bianca, Hannes, and Lukas are united by their energetic passion for musical experimentation. Black and white is only the logo of this fabulous group, but they shine brightly through the prism that is INTRA.

“Last Born” is now available on Youtube and all major streaming platforms:

For more information about INTRA and their music, visit their website, Facebook and Instagram!

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